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Manifestation Workshop

Ready to change your life through manifestation?! Make sure you reserve your spot now!

Here is what Kendara had to say about her upcoming workshop:

You can positively Manifest your Goals

The secret is identifying self-defeating beliefs and replacing them with positive Self Fulfilling goals.

The class will cover belief shifting,

  • Goal Setting
  • Manifestation
  • So Much More

You will leave with a plan for what you want to attain and positive, proven ways to do this.

The price is $35 and includes handouts.

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Holding Yourself Sacred – Workshop for Women

What would your life be like if you truly held yourself sacred? In this workshop, we’re going to explore this idea in depth.

My greatest passion in life is to create and hold safe space for people (including me) to be our full, authentic selves – in all of our uniqueness and diversity and sacredness. I want you to feel safe to explore, to question, and to be who you really are. Get in touch with your inner voice, your true feelings, desires, and beliefs. Who are you when you let go of perfectionism and approval seeking – and instead simply allow yourself to be fully human – to be YOU?

The purpose of this workshop is to help you to connect more deeply with your authentic self and to hold that Self sacred. Who would you be if you were not afraid? Do you live your life according to your social programming … or do you follow your inner compass, your own truth and values? Have you thought about it? Do you love and value yourself? Are you happy in and with your body? How about your sexuality? Your relationships? Do you use your power to create the life you want … or do you abdicate your power and feel like you’ve sold yourself out?

Let’s see if we can reconnect you with your own truth and allow you to claim your power so that you can choose to live the life that you most deeply desire.

This is your invitation:

  • to consider what it means to you to be your authentic self
  • to explore your sacred sexuality (life force) – your feelings, beliefs, and desires
  • to develop healthy boundaries
  • to embrace your body with love and appreciation
  • to love yourself unconditionally, holding YOU sacred.

This workshop is based on my workbook, The Sexuality Reclamation Project For Women Workbook. It is not necessary to have the workbook, although it could be helpful for you. You can order it here: https://tinyurl.com/r3m3meb5.

I’m going to be sharing ideas, asking questions, inviting/guiding participants in writing exercises and guided meditation, and facilitating group discussions/shares where we can learn from each other. The size of the group will be limited to eight women – your participation level is up to you. It’s okay if you just want to listen and absorb, also okay if you want to share with the group.

If you sign up by August 31st, you pay only $89. If you sign up between September 1st and 12th, the workshop is $111.

I will send you billing information, a Zoom link, and other details/logistics you’ll need to know about this beautiful day we will spend together. Visit my website at https://psychickathsenergyhealingreadings.com/

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