Before you start, please read the

Awkwardly Zen Guiding Principles

There is no right or wrong here in Awkwardly Zen. You can disagree with someone but please hold space for them to have their point of view. The spiritual path is vast. Please keep in mind that we’re all in different places so be gentle. 

Let’s tread lightly with anything too sexual, violent, controversial, or political. 

The views Awkwardly Zen members may not be the views of Awkwardly Zen itself. 

Please do your own research before trying anything recommended. If something doesn’t resonate with you please leave it behind or remember that you can always step away from the conversation. We get it. 

We've been thoughtful in the creation of groups where you can further connect with your community. Our groups have been designed to cover a large variety of interests. Please stay on topic within the group.

We are not therapists, doctors, or medical professionals and we cannot cure, diagnose, or provide any sort of actual medical recommendations. Please see a medical provider or mental healthcare professional if you need one.

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