Psychic Development Notes


There are four Major Psychic Gifts. (also known as the four ‘Clairs’)

Clairvoyance (or psychic seeing). People who have this gift get their messages through visions. These visions can be literal or figurative. Most times, clairvoyance shows up internally, almost like mini-movies playing in the mind’s eye.  This allows you to receive psychic visions. With practice, this gift will get stronger. The psychic center which receives the messages is in the middle of the forehead. To access this area, just bring your attention to the center of your forehead and close your eyes.

Clairsentience, (or psychic feeling) is the 2nd psychic gift. If you’re Clairsentient, this means that you receive your messages through feeling To add to that, since you can feel so clearly, you’re probably a pretty strong empath as well! Because feelers (tend to be empaths- they can easily pick up emotions of others). If you are, you might want to shield yourself so you are less susceptible. One way to do this is to see yourself surrounded by a pink light. You can also carry a dark crystal (such as obsidian or jet or tourmaline). This and keeps you more centered and grounded and less likely to pick up other’s feelings. The psychic center for this gift lies in the abdomen from the top of the diaphragm to just below the navel-especially the solar plexus

Clairaudience (or psychic hearing) is the third Psychic Gift. People gifted with this gift hear their messages. If you’re clairaudient that means you have clear hearing! Clairaudient messages are usually heard internally. People with this gift have, however, been known to hear their name being called or people talking to them when no one else is around. Most of the time, however, these messages are internal and can be heard deep within the head. Many people report hearing them from one side or the other. The key to tapping Psychic Hearing is to direct your
attention above the ears. Practicing moving your focus from ear level (inner level) to the outer (the two little bumps above the ears) is a great way to develop this ability.

Claircognizance (Psychic Knowing) is the fourth gift.  The center for this is the top of the head. People who are claircognizant just know things! They know what people are feeling and they can get downloads of information from out of nowhere. They can even often tell immediately upon meeting someone whether that person can be trusted or not. You might also know something about them that they never told you! Claircognizant people often get feelings that they just can’t shake and they feel a strong pull in their gut to follow it! The Psychic Reception area for this is
located at the top of the head.

This concludes a brief discussion of the four psychic gifts. To learn more, and practice using your gifts, please feel free to join us the third Monday of each month from 6-8PM Mountain time. You can learn more and sign up by going to this link: Zen/events/ltbghsycckbzb/ Hope to see you there.

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