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Welcome to the Awkwardly Zen Mentorship Membership!

Are you ready to give your spiritual journey a boost? We’re here for you…

Engage with multiple Spiritual Mentors who have spent years on their own spiritual paths and are eager to share for both personal spiritual growth and business growth. They are committed to helping you grow within your spiritual practice or metaphysical business and will help you feel connected, supported, and inspired every day. This membership gives you access to private groups, live members-only online events, workshops, guided meditations, group meditations, videos, community connections, and so much more.  It’s an easy and fun way to create growth in your spiritual life with flexible structure and guidance.


Valorie Lewis

Valorie Lewis

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Kat Barron

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Regular Price $44.44 a month

More about Mentorship Membership

Who is the mentorship designed for?

  • Individuals already on their spiritual path.
  • Individuals beginning their their spiritual journey.
  • Aspiring Spiritual Practitioners.
  • Individuals looking to connect one on one with a spiritual leader.
  • Those who feel “stuck” with their spiritual growth or spiritual business.
  • Those who like to have ALLLLLLLL the info and perks!
  • Any Spiritual Beings wanting a little more guidance on their path.

What is in the mentorship?

  • Spiritual mentors & teachers with unique gifts in a variety of fields.
  • Spiritual mentors who have been coaching for years ready to answer your questions.
  • Special drop-in teachers for added knowledge.
  • A private community group for Mentorship Members only.
  • Help for spiritual practitioners and aspiring practitioners via a private Business group.
  • Daily content updates.
  • Exclusive forum for Q&A.
  • Exclusive videos from mentors and teachers.
  • Shared Documents from mentors and teachers.
  • Live Members-only online events.
  • Exclusive discounts from the mentors and teachers.
  • On-demand access to the entire library of growing content.
  • More!

Our mentors are ready to support you

  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to spirituality or have been growing a practice for years – you’re ready to grow and want help either personally or within your spiritual business.
  • Their guidance and resources will inspire deep, meaningful, and sustainable changes in your spiritual growth.
  • Change old habits or create new ones with this easy and fun way to design your spiritual path.
  • Manifest your desires and become a magnet for possibilities with their guidance and what has worked for them.
  • An awesome community of likeminded spiritual friends.
  • You’re never on your own. There’s always someone to answer a question or suggest feedback whether its personal or professional.
  • Participate as much or as little as you like. You get to choose.

Regular Price $44.44 a month

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Regular Price $44.44 a month

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