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A community-based media platform supporting everyone’s voice in the exploration of their spiritual path in the spirit of meeting everyone where they are and providing them information, insight, and tools for growth and the ability to support and contribute to like-minded individuals.

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Spirit Road is a spiritual journey podcast, exploring the mysterious world and life we live in.  Join hosts, Tim and Laurie, as they discuss the path we all walk with Spirit to our true selves, while becoming conscious of ourselves as divine Beings.  Featuring practitioners from the Awkwardly Zen, and spiritual, community.

About the Hosts:

Laurie Hewitt has been channeling for over 30 years and her mission is to support each person’s spiritual journey.  She is able to connect you with your Soul Council, guides and angels to help you remember who you are and why you are here now.

Tim Behrens is an AZ moderator, artist, musician, and spiritual intuitive.  He found his way to the spiritual community after experiencing a life-changing paradigm shift in 2018.

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Episode 1 - Finding Our Way to the Spirit Road.
Tim and Laurie introduce themselves, talk about finding like-minded spiritual seekers in the Awkwardly Zen community, and share some of what first put them on their spiritual path.

Episode 2 - All About Awkwardly Zen
Laurie and Tim have a conversation with Ari Hunniford, founder of Awkwardly Zen.

Episode 3 - Soul Councils
Tim speaks with Laurie about her work with Soul Councils.

Episode 4 - Process Art In An Awakening World with Stephanie Gray
Tim and Laurie speak with Stephanie Gray about her spiritual journey, process art, and paradigm shifts.

Episode 5 - Interlife Journeys with Douglas Pratt (Available June 2nd)
Tim and Laurie discuss Interlife Journeys with Douglas Pratt.

Episode 6 - An Awakening Experience - Part I
Tim discusses his 'awakening experience' with Laurie.

Episode 7 - Kendara Laurel, Intuitive Readings, and the I Ching (Available June 30th)
Kendara discusses her spiritual journey, her Introduction to Metaphysics group, and her experiences with developing intuition.

Just Released

Authentically Akashic It’s easy to get caught up with all the shiny new things when you start down that spiritual or metaphysical path. Find some perspective with Jason as he bridges logic and practical application with the esoteric while sharing knowledge and experience from past lives and the Akashic Records. If you’re interested in a no nonsense, grounded approach to spirituality that that is unapologetically real, then you will relate to Authentically Akashic.

About the Host:

A few years ago, Jason experienced a revelation that led him to search for his answers within the Akashic Records. He found many answers there, along with perspective and healing. Through continued study of past lives and working with others, he refined his approach by combining shamanic methods and Akashaman was born. As a teacher, speaker and Akashic Records Reader, Akashaman brings the practical and actionable to the metaphysical.  |

Disclaimer… a little business, a little info.
Some things need to be said. Some things need to be heard. Here is that dose of reality and truth to get you started.

My Story E01
Everyone has a story, this is mine. From the crash to the beginning of my Akashic studies, this is how it happened. Told from the start in this first installment, this story will continue to share what came after.

Spiritual Jargon E01
The first installment of the Spiritual Jargon series. Let’s start with religion, spirituality and metaphysical. What do they mean? What do they represent? How are they the same and how are they different? The first of many in the Spiritual Jargon series.