Charity Mainville

Charity Mainville

Intuitive Human Design Analyst

3/6 Pure Generator 

Human Design provides an energetic nature into your genetic nature through ancient and modern sciences including eastern and western empirical and esoteric systems of knowledge.

It can help guide you in living out the life that you were designed to have. It can help you understand struggles or repeating patterns, why you think a certain way, get a handle on your emotional well-being, and help you understand why you connect with certain people. 

Human Design is complex and involves a lot of layers, but it’s not meant to be understood all at once. Just like any system of knowledge, there are levels upon levels that are revealed over time. There are core components to the system that are most important and what will be provided to you along with a little bit of extra “Charity.” I also implement a more in-depth system of the gates, called Gene Keys, astrology if I feel it’s needed, and some intuitive guidance from the universe itself.

I also offer readings for pets as well, which is learning about their Mammalian Design. 

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