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Have you ever thought “I wish I had friends I could talk to about this”? Has finding new friendships as an adult been rough? Or maybe you wish you could connect with like-minded people to talk, ask questions, and relate? Maybe someone on the same path as you?

Welcome to Awkwardly Zen™. We host a variety of FREE events and classes, a chance to connect with others with similar interests and beliefs. 

Find opportunities to share your experiences with people who just may understand more than you imagine. Plus, find opportunities for paid readings, courses, and more to come. We’ve got you.

Reasons why you should join
  1. You don’t gel with the vibe on other social media sites.
  2. You’re curious about a variety of spiritual subjects.
  3. You want to surround yourself with open-minded people.
  4. You’re ready to make new friends in a safe place.
  5. You’re ready to be awkwardly you and be loved for it.

Our Number One Rule

Our FREE online spiritual community was created to allow spiritual communication in a safe space with open-minded spiritual people. Our number one rule is to come from a place of love and light.

At Awkwardly Zen™ there is no right and wrong, only different. You can disagree, but please hold space to allow others to have their own experience on their path.

This is a safe place to learn and share, and we’re so glad you are here!

Thoughful Features

What you can expect to find in our FREE online spiritual community

Personal Profiles

Show your true self through your personal profile. Share stories, pictures, and videos of the things that you love.  Show your true colors! Be awkwardly you! 


Do you have a question about a specific crystal? Pop into the crystal group and ask away! Dragons have you on fire? Yep, there’s a group for that. Meditation have you not feeling very zen? Get some tips and tricks in a Meditation group. There are a variety of groups-over 50!- to tap into. And if you don’t see what you want just suggest it and it may magically appear!


Let’s face it. Being a grown-up can be rough. Our friends may not “get” us as we wander down our spiritual paths. Our family may think that we’ve lost our minds. What If you could connect with people who just get it because they are going through too? Guess what…you can.