11·11 Event

Welcome to the November 2021

11·11 Event

To Benefit the Awkwardly Zen Angel Program


Brenda Hardwick · Angel Reading & Healing

Brenda Hardwick is a Healer, Author, Speaker who is a Teacher and Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom. Studied and certified in several healing modalities, Brenda engages your Angels to bring you their messages, answer your questions and to let you know they are there. She is attuned to Seraphim energy, the High Angels, and channels their energy to facilitate the healing of mind, body, and soul. Come and receive a sample of what Brenda can offer you! Your Light, Your Life, Your Health, Better! http://www.thelightofnature.com

  • 30 minute Angel Reading/Healing sessions · $50
  • 1 hour Angel Reading/Healing sessions · $98

50% of proceeds go to the AZ Angel Program

Appointments can be set as available on The Light Of Nature website between 11/11/21 and 12/12/21

Booking choice will be available on 11/11 and will go down on 11/21 at midnight.

Charles Cox · Denver Psychic

Medium · Spiritual Minister · Teacher

Charles has 35+ years teaching others to discover and grow their psychic awareness. Charles is the founder of the Denver Psychic Development Meetup group. Learn more at www.denver-psychic.com

  • Basic Psychic Development Classes- Download for $29.99

50% of sales will go to the AZ Angel Project

Must be purchased during the 11·11 Event

Crystal Dawn Rios · Conscious Loving Lab

Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer)

As a Jyotishi, I help folx see how they are connected to the whole… How we are essentially imprinted by the pattern of stars and planets when we were born… Our core nature… The reason behind our births. Learn more at www.ConsciousLovingLab.com

  • Rising Star Reading (30 min) · $50
  • Karma and Dharma Reading (1 hour) · $95
  • Family Constellation Reading (5 family members’ charts | 1 hour) · $250

50% of proceeds for the sessions booked and paid during the event will go to the AZ Angel Project

Gillian Bicket · Golden Means Crystal Reiki and Energy Healing

Crystal Reiki Master · Energy Healer · Intuitive Psychic Channel

I practice crystal reiki, many types of energy clearing and balancing including chakras, elements, mental blocks, past lives, spaces and more. I incorporate Forgiveness Practices, Energy Shifting, Feng Shui and Bagua mapping into my sessions as needed. I also use Dream Interpretation to help my clients heal past or unknown trauma and to find their spiritual gifts. Learn more at www.goldenmeanscrystalreiki.com

  • Crystal Reiki Session · $45
  • Choice of Clearing/Reading: Chakra, Elements, Reading or Mini Clearing of choice · $25
  • Dream Interpretation · $25

50% of proceeds for the sessions booked and paid during the event will go to the AZ Angel Project

Jill Theofelis · Ren Reiki


Hi!  I’m Jill.  I’m a West Seattle native, nature and animal lover and fan of all forms of art! Do you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels?  Has life lost it’s sparkle?  During a time when my life was in upheaval,  I  found Reiki.  It lifted me up and helped guide me out of apathy and depression.  I’ve been doing it ever since.  Now it’s time for me to bring reiki healing to you.  Let me help you find balance and harmony! 

  • 20 Minute Remote Reiki · $20

100% of the proceeds go to the AZ Angel Program.

Kat Barron · Psychic Kath’s Energy Healing & Readings

Coach, Healer, Intuitive, Minister

Over twenty-five years in the alternative health care field, practicing massage, energy healing, and Reiki. I’ve spent almost my entire life on a self-love journey. Now coaching others to find unconditional self-love, celebrate their bodies, and hold themselves sacred. https://psychickathsenergyhealingreadings.com/

  • Mini Coaching Session (20 minutes) · $33.33
  • Mini Intuitive Reading w/ Oracle Cards (20 minutes) · $33.33
  • Hour Variety Session · $99.99

33% of proceeds for the sessions book/paid during the event will go to the AZ Angel Program.

Kendara Laurel · Sunflower Wisdom

Intuitive · Psychic · Tarot · I-Ching

I can assist you in realizing your own psychic potential. One of my greatest satisfactions comes from helping people discover their own particular psychic or intuitive talents.

  • 30 Minute Reading · $30
  • Additional time · $1 per minute

50% of proceeds for the sessions booked and paid during the event will go to the AZ Angel Project

Must be claimed by the end of the event.

Laurie Hewitt · Spiritual Sojourn

Soul Paths · Soul Council · Medium · Guides

Laurie has been receiving information from Spirit for most of her life and has offered readings for the past 20 years.

  • 30 Minute Reading · $60

Must be booked during the event and 50% of the prices of these bookings will go to the AZ Angel Program.

Nicole Sweet · WonderBear Readings

Lenormand and Oracle Reader

I fell in love with Lenormand because I found it less intimidating than tarot. I enjoy combining Oracle cards with a Lenormand spread. They really help clarify or hone in the message. The great thing about Lenormand is that you can ask specific questions.

  • 7-card Lenormand spread and 2 Oracle cards (30 minutes) · $40

50% of proceeds for the sessions booked and paid during the event will go to the AZ Angel Project

Sessions can be scheduled for any time during the 11 days or after. Paid at the time of the session.

Robin Pool · Spiritsaid Spiritual Path Astrology

Astrologer · Spiritual Path Coach

I have twenty years of experience helping hundreds of spiritual seekers understand and love their spiritual gifts and make the most of their divine and higher-self connection. If you feel confused, uncertain, plateaued, or sense that there’s more out there than you already know, I would love to help!

  • 20-Minute “Ask a Question About Your Spiritual Path” Astrology Reading · $20
  • 60-Minute “Understand Your Spiritual Gifts” Astrology Reading · $60

50% of proceeds for the sessions booked and paid during the event will go to the AZ Angel Project

All sessions must be booked during the event.

Shakti Wilson · The Mindset Company

Mindset Expert · Speaker · Mentor · Teacher

Were you born with mindsets (mental/emotional patterns) that are negatively affecting your life? Your ancestors may have passed down mindsets to you that are unaware of – sitting hidden in your subconscious brain and disrupting your relationships or career.

  • Mindset Ancestry with Clearing · $250
  • Mini Mindset Ancestry Clearing ½ hr · $45

Special Offer #1: Get a full analysis, clearing and 1-on-1 meeting with Shakti Wilson to chart 3 generations of your Mindset Ancestry. (normally $400 value)

Special Offer #2: Get a mini analysis, clearing and 1-on-1 meeting with Shakti Wilson to chart 1 generation of your Mindset Ancestry.

Book during the event and Shakti will give 50% towards the AZ Angel Program.

Stephanie Gray · Inside Out Studio

Creative Self Discovery Guide

For over 10 years I have been using creative tools to facilitate personal change in others. I offer a heart-centered practice guiding individuals to connect to their inner wisdom by combining art-making, creative writing, grounding techniques, active listening, heart-centered discussion and 25 years of my own self-discovery practice.

  • 30 minute 1×1 session · $30 (33% back to AZ Angel Program)
  • Any other 1×1 session purchased · $60 per hour (10% back to the AZ Angel Program)

Booking must take place during event.

Susanah Magdelena · The Beloved Heart Source

Teacher · Mentor · Channel

Life-long Seeker of Truth here to be your guide in your Journey of Brilliance.

  • 30 minute Channeling via Zoom · $70 (50% to AZ)
  • Create Your Statement of Divine Empowered Brilliance · $25 ($10 to AZ)

Booking must take place during event.

Travis Holp · TravisWarriorUnicorn

Psychic Medium

Travis is a Psychic-Medium who works with Spirit to deliver messages of hope, kindness, and clarity.

100% of the event ticket sales will go to the AZ Angel Program.

Learn More about the Together in Spirit – Live Event on 11/21/2021: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/together-in-spirit-tickets-202143706267

Trudie May · Brilliant Pursuits

Custom Essential Oil & Crystal Blends

I use a combination of crystal chips and essential oils to create a blend that is intuitively just for you.  To support the AZ Angel Program I have created one roller bottle blend and one spray blend.  These are 5ml bottles

  • 5ml AZ Power Roller Bottle and a 5ml AZ Vibes Spray Bottle.

100% of the proceeds after shipping will go to the AZ Angel Program.

Available in my Esty Shop

Valorie Lewis · Goddess with an Attitude

Psychic · Channel · Intuitive Card Readings · Spiritual Teacher · Intuitive Life Coaching

I combine my spiritual gifts as a psychic channel with my creative, sarcastic and humorous style of communication to provide you insight and guidance on life’s journey. I offer tarot & oracle card readings, lightcode energy work and 1:1 spiritual mentoring. I am also the founder of Tarot, Unicorns & Coffee, an online spiritual based meetup group.

  • Clarity Reading – 1 Card Tarot Reading – Video Recorded · $11.11 · Book this Here
  • Mini Tarot Reading – LIVE Reading · $22.22 · Book this Here
  • 50% Off Complete Intuitive Card Pull & Reading – via Zoom USE CODE AZ50OFF · $47.50 · Book this Here

25% of sales of offers above booked during the 11·11 Event will go toward the AZ Angel Program.